FIFA fines five South American countries for homophobic chants

Several South American countries have been fined by FIFA for homophobic chants at football matches.

The international football governing body FIFA fined Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Uruguary for the chanting.

FIFA said the “insulting and discriminatory chants” came at qualifying 2018 World Cup matches.

Chile was fined the most, paying out £48,600 for the chants which took place over four matches.

FIFA also imposed £27,750 fines to the other four countries.

Honduras may also be fined, as an investigation is ongoing. FIFA described the incidentas “apparent homophobic chants by its supporters.”

It is unclear whether the fines will help stop the chanting, however, and FIFA itself has said that financial penalties alone would not rid football of homophobia.

Claudio Sulser, the chair of FIFA’s disciplinary committee, said behaviour by some groups of fans “goes against the core values of our game.”

“FIFA and the entire football community have to be proactive in educating and inspiring a message of equality and respect across all levels of the game.”