Teens tried to STONE two trans women in the street in Germany

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Three teenagers have been arrested in Germany after allegedly trying to stone two trans women in the street.

The two women, Yasmine, 50 and Elisa, 37, were not fully named due to Germany’s privacy laws.

They opened up about the attack by the teenagers in a television interview.

According to the women, the teens were fine until they realised they are transgender.

“Within seconds they were pushing us around. It was only then that I realised what they were saying: ‘You sluts need to be stoned!’” Elisa told Sat1 television on Saturday evening.

“And that’s what they did. They grabbed gravel from the ground and threw it at us.”

“Before that they tried to hit on us. For them, that’s OK. But when they realised we were transgender, they felt their honour was hurt. That’s why they snapped.”

A police patrol was passing, so stopped the incident before it escalated further.

“Our colleagues noticed the affray and stepped in immediately. The north African offenders aged 16 to 18 were arrested,” Chief Inspector Kim-Ben Freigang said to the Bild newspaper.

The incident took place last week near to the Dortmund train station.

The women also identified the teens as being of North African origin, amid growing tension over large-scale sex attacks which took place in Cologne on New Year’s Eve 2015.

However police have not identified the attackers, but two of them, 17 and 18-years-old have been detained in custody.

A third, 16, was released back to his parents.