Tina Fey makes triumphant return as Sarah Palin in a hilarious sketch (VIDEO)

Comedian Tina Fey made a jubilant return to Saturday Night Live to play the former governor of Alaska in a hilarious parody.

The Mean Girls and Sister star said she could not resist poking fun at her lookalike Sarah Palin’s recent endorsement of controversial presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Fey returned to jubilant cheers from the audience – to a role she has played on and off for nearly a decade.

“I wanted to take a break from my full-time career of writing things on Facebook to fly down here and lend my support to the next President of the United States Donald J Trump,” Fey’s Palin said.

The sketch then sees ‘Palin’s’ message grow gradually less and less intelligible – much like Palin’s actual speech which made headlines last week.

The former governor of Alaska, who was the 2008 vice-presidential candidate, spoke at a campaign rally in Ames, Iowa.

The conservative pundit said: “Are you ready to stump for Trump?”

In a statement officially announcing her endorsement, Palin said she thought Trump was ready to get US troops to “kick Isis’ ass”, saying “we are ready for a change”.

A strong opponent of LGBT rights, she spoke in 2014 at the conference of a listed hate groupthat has compared same-sex marriage to the Holocaust – and  got the address of the White House wrong during her speech.

In 2013, Palin admitted to defending a homophobic rant made by anti-gay Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson without actually reading his comments.

She was later attacked by singer Sia for sampling song Titanium without permission in a speech defending Robertson.

However, despite her numerous gaffes, Trump has indicated that he would consider appointing Palin to a high-profile role in his administration.

Watch Fey’s hilarious impression below: