Popular gay character Christian returning to EastEnders

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John Partridge will reprise his role this summer for what promises to be an ‘explosive’ storyline.

EastEnders is welcoming back John Partridge as part of an ‘explosive’ new storyline for the Beale family this summer.

Popular gay character Christian returning to EastEnders

The actor will be joined by Lynda Baron, who plays the mother of Christian and his sister, Jane Beale – who is married to long-term character Ian.

Although show bosses remain tight-lipped about the storyline, many viewers believe it may be linked to the long-running Lucy Beale murder plot.

It was revealed last year that the teenager was killed by her young brother Bobby – with Jane and Ian going to great lengths to cover up his crime.

The return of Christian and his mother is set to change the Beale’s family’s life “forever”, according to producers.

Partridge will be fitting in his EastEnders filming alongside his current work on a touring production of Chicago The Musical.

“I am thrilled to be able to return to EastEnders whilst touring the UK with Chicago,” Partridge said.

“Christian is never far from my mind – I turn my back for five minutes and look what happens.”

Christian was last seen on our screens in February 2015, when he came back briefly for his sister Jane’s wedding in EastEnders’ 30th anniversary week – despite previously claiming he would never return.

Partridge, who recently finished in sixth place on Celebrity Big Brother, was a Walford regular between 2008 and 2012.

Popular gay character Christian returning to EastEnders

His character is best remembered for his love affair with Muslim character Syed Masood – with the pair facing backlash when their relationship was exposed.

Earlier this year, EastEnders introduce the first transgender character to be played by a trans actor in a British soap.

The character Kyle, is played by 21-year-old Riley-Carter Millington.

EastEnders bosses also recently recast gay character Johnny Carter – with actor Ted Reilly taking over the popular role previously played by Sam Strike.