Miley Cyrus calls in help from dad Billy Ray Cyrus to fight anti-LGBT laws

Miley Cyrus called in help to oppose anti-LGBT laws – from her dad Billy Ray Cyrus.

Two bills have been filed in the state of Tennessee that would roll back the rights of transgender people – banning trans women from using female bathrooms as well as banning LGBT discrimination protections.

Amid a storm of similar legislation in other states, pansexual singer Miley Cyrus has repeatedly spoken out against the bills –  HB 2414 and SB 2387.

She said: “For a moment a few weeks ago, it seemed like lawmakers in Tennessee had really heard the brave testimony of a transgender young person and her parents.

“A mother’s simple ask to legislators about what they would do if it was their child who was transgender hit a nerve, and the anti-transgender bill was sent to a summer study session, seemingly killing if for this year.

“But that was two weeks ago – a lifetime ago, it seems, in light of all that has happened since – and that bill is back.”
Miley Cyrus calls in help from dad Billy Ray Cyrus to fight anti-LGBT laws
It seems that the singer has brought help, too: from her dad – ‘Back to Tennessee’ singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

in a statement he condemned the bills and other anti-LGBT laws, explaining: “I would feel negligent to not speak up.

“In light of my good friend, Bryan Adams, taking a stand and my daughter having been on the ground floor of this movement, this issue is very important to me.

“As a friend and dad… I’ve witnessed this fight from the very beginning. I think everyone should be treated equal.

“We’ve come too far; we can’t mess this up.”