WATCH: Video game allows you to throw gay men from buildings

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A new online game allows players to control three Muslim extremists.

‘Milo Tosser’ sees players given the chance to throw bodies from a rooftop, with the aim of hitting certain targets on the ground.

Players are permitted five tosses per go, over three unique levels.

WATCH: Video game allows you to throw gay men from buildings

The game is named after controversial writer Milo Yiannopoulos, who is also technology editor for right-wing news site

The game’s creator described Yiannopoulos as “a gay man who is a staunch advocate for free speech,” making him the perfect candidate to get “tossed”.

“He’s well known for his stances against feminism, PC culture, and Social Justice Warriors,” Michael Garber wrote on the game’s website.

“He has also voiced concern about the treatment of homosexuals in Muslim-dominated countries and considers Islam extremists to be a big problem in today’s world.”

Yiannopoulos – who recently said he would ‘cure’ homosexuality if he could – reportedly “loves” the game.

Although it may seem Garber is glorifying the atrocities gay men often face at the hands of extremists, he says he is in fact trying to do the opposite.

“I wanted to make a game highlighting a serious issue we face in today’s world,” says Garber.

“That issue is fundamental Islam and how it teaches intolerance towards not only homosexuals and women, but also non-Muslims in general.”

WATCH: Video game allows you to throw gay men from buildings

He says Yiannopoulos’ so-called ‘charisma’ “helps to soften the blow of the shocking nature of the game’s message.”

However, critics argue that a game encouraging users to throw gay men – regardless of who they resemble – from a building simply makes light of a very sensitive issue.

Earlier this year, Daesh militants executed a teenaged boy in Syria for being gay by throwing him off a roof.

The group has executed hundreds of men for homosexuality as it expands beyond its strongholds.

Watch a preview for ‘Milo Tosser’ below: