It’s Coulson, b*tch! Avengers star Clark Gregg channels Britney in epic lip sync

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Marvel star Clark Gregg is taking on a rather different role as a Britney Spears impersonator.

The actor appeared as fan favourite Agent Coulson in the Iron Man and Avengers films, and is the lead in spin-off TV series Agents of SHIELD.

But he showed his feminine side on TV series Lip Sync Battle this week, when he took on a rendition of Britney Spears’ 2003 hit Toxic.

The actor tackled a fully synchronised dance routine in the style of the orignal Britney video, matching her iconic blue air hostess costume.

However, we can’t help being reminded a little of the UK’s 2007 Eurovision entry Scooch – who may be able to make some room for Gregg as a full-time member.
It’s Coulson, b*tch! Avengers star Clark Gregg channels Britney in epic lip sync
Drag artist RuPaul recently hit out at Lip Sync Battle for lifting the format of his reality show, RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Asked what he thinks of the show in a Vulture interview, he said: “Oh, I don’t think of it.”

He explained: “It’s a poor rip-off of our show. Regular, straight pop culture has liberally lifted things from gay culture as long as I can remember.

“And that’s fine, because guess what? We have so much more where that comes from. Take it!

“That’s why [my new gameshow] Gay for Play is such a fun thing, because we’ve taken the best of the gay sensibility and put it all in one place.”

He added: “We’re showing these b****es how it’s really done. But it’s funny how that works, even in gay culture.

“There’s a certain ‘gay shame’. Gay people will accept a straight pop star over a gay pop star, or they will accept a straight version of a gay thing, because there’s still so much self-loathing, you know?”