John Kasich admits people are ‘probably’ born gay

Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich has said that people are “probably” born gay.

Kasich, who is trailing behind Ted Cruz and frontrunner Donald Trump in the race for the Republican Presidential race, made the comments at a voter forum in San Francisco.

John Kasich admits people are ‘probably’ born gay

The Ohio Governor was asked repeatedly by the voter, 62-year-old Kelly Bryan, whether he thought people were born gay.

He said: “Do I think that people are, you know, born gay? Probably.”

“I’ve never studied the issue. But I don’t see any reason to hurt you or to discriminate you or make you feel bad or make you feel like a second-class citizen. I don’t think that’s right.”

Bryan had said he plans to vote for Hillary Clinton. He said that he had previously been against equal marriage, but had changed his views after attending a same-sex wedding.

Bryan said he was concerned about laws passed in North Carolina and Mississippi which discriminate against LGBT people.

“In terms of me, I don’t believe in discrimination,” Kasich added.

“I think there is a balance, however, between discrimination and people’s religious liberties. But I think we should just try to, like, take a chill pill, relax, and try to get along with one another a little bit better instead of trying to write some law to solve a problem that doesn’t frankly exist in big enough numbers to justify more lawmaking.”

Republican Presidential hopeful John Kasich last month had quite a good week on LGBT issues, but then went and said this…

irst, the Governor of Ohio said he would not have signed a trans ‘bathroom bill’, like have been passed in Mississippi and North Carolina.

The bills restrict the rights of LGBT people, particularly those who are transgender.

Then he said his Republican friends need to “move on” from the equal marriage debate which, apparently is still going on. He even said he would still love his daughters if they were gay – wow.

In February, he stood firm on same-sex marriage – despite nearly all his rival candidates planning to overturn it – saying he would not.

He also split from his rivals on LGBT rights – by coming out in favour of anti-discrimination laws.

Check out the comments from Kasich below: