Raging homophobe Lindsey Graham went on live TV to moan about people ‘hating his guts’ and we can’t imagine why

Lindsey Graham. (Screen capture via Twitter/Fox)

Lindsey Graham decided Thursday (September 24) to go on live television to moan about people “hating his guts”.

The anti-LGBT+ Republican senator from South Carolina took to Fox News, because where else, to sound off about his Democratic opponent Jamie Harrison.

“My opponent will raise $100 million in the state of South Carolina,” he fumed. “The most money ever spent in the history of the state on a Senate race in this state was by me in 2014 when I spent $13million.”

“I’m being killed financially. This money is because they hate my guts.”

Graham has, according to The Hill, raised around $29million to Harrison’s $28million. Graham suggested that the passing of revered Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had boosted his rival’s bid, claiming Harrison raised $6million in the 72 hours after her death.

So, why do people hate Lindsey Graham’s guts?

There are many, many reasons why someone may happen to dislike Lindsey Graham.

He once claimed that gay presidential contender Pete Buttigieg kissing his husband Chasten amid the Democratic primaries would cause “problems” for parents.

Graham also took issue with the Buttigiegs kissing “frequently”, making the comments just a week after Trump awarded him the Medal of Freedom.

His homophobia is no recent development, however – he claimed in 2013 that same-sex weddings would help to normalise paedophilia.

When running for the Republican nomination in 2015, Graham suggested that if he became president he would rotate the position of first lady between his sister and close female friends, having never married.

As chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Graham is under pressure to reject Donald Trump’s soon-to-be-announced Supreme Court nominee – as he promised he would do when blocking Barack Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland in 2016.

However, Graham has indicated a vote will go ahead, saying: “We’ve got the votes”.

One of the top pics to replace Ginsburg, the feminist stateswoman who was a keen LGBT+ ally, is Allison Jones Rushing. One of the 20 potential conservative nominees Trump has recently listed, Rushing fuelled alarms among LGBT+ activists for her deep ties to anti-queer groups.