Elton John regrets not having a daughter, quits touring

Elton John who sings John Lewis Christmas advert

Elton John has said he regrets not having had a daughter, as he said he would stop touring.

The Rocketman said he plans to quit touring in order to spend more time with his sons.

The 68-year-old has two sons with husband David Furnish, 5-year-old Zachary and 3-year-old Elijah.

Speaking on Lorraine, John said: “I wish I’d done it earlier, because I’d love to have a little girl. But we have two great boys, they make life all worthwhile – it’s all about them now.”

In the episode which airs tomorrow, the star added: “I was in the Far East before Christmas and Australia. I had a ball, but I was away from my boys and it’s hard.

“I’m going to stop travelling as much. If you don’t, what’s the point having children?

“There’ll come a time when I don’t travel at all and I’ll just do isolated residencies somewhere.”

The couple want to provide their sons with as down-to-earth an upbringing as possible.

“I’m not putting any pressure on them to do anything,” he said.

“They are not going to become showbiz kids, we don’t dress them in designer clothes, they just have a normal background.”

Continuing he said: “It’s hard to keep their feet on the ground but so far, so good.

“They know what daddy does they know he’s a singer but they are more interested in their torches and Lego.”

Speaking of his new album, Wonderful Crazy Night, the singer said it isn’t played on the radio much any more.

“You are in a situation where you have made so many records, you know you are not going to sell many more because your records don’t get played much on the radio anymore and I have accepted that years ago.”