Sir Ian McKellen takes part in ‘marriage market’ during a trip to Shanghai

The legendary actor and LGBT activist posed with a handwritten note, informing potential suitors he is ‘still active’.

Sir Ian McKellen recently appeared at a ‘marriage market’ in Shanghai, as he posed with a handwritten advert listing his credentials.

The actor held a piece of paper up to the camera, which read: “Ian. 5’11”, 77 years, Cambridge University, house in London, still active”.

The stunt – most likely a joke – took place in a park where parents go to seek out potential spouses for their children.

Sir Ian is in China for the Shanghai International Film Festival, during a visit to the country with the British Council China as part of the ‘Shakespeare Lives’ initiative.

He was also snapped holding a famous Shakespeare quote, as part of a programme that aims to promote the Bard’s work throughout China to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the playwright’s death.

Last week, the X-Men star reaffirmed his support for the UK staying in the EU – claiming it makes “no sense” for gay people to back Brexit.

He argued that the UK needs to use its influence within the EU to lobby for LGBT rights around the world.

“Now is the time to be backing Europe and giving back that sense of empowerment to countries in the European Union that are still very backward in this regard,” he said.

“If I were to look at ‘in’ or ‘out’ from that point of view, there’s only one point, which is to stay.

“If you’re a gay person, you’re an internationalist. I don’t want us to retract. I don’t want to and I won’t, whatever the vote happens to be.

“It wouldn’t be the end of the world, but it’s nearly the end of my life. And it’s up to the youngsters to decide, really.”

It comes after Crispin Blunt, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, wrote for PinkNews accusing the ‘In’ campaign of scaremongering on LGBT rights.