Someone has already made a gay adult parody of Tarzan

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The latest in a string of bizarre porn parodies, the Legend of Tarzan film now has the honour.

The Alexander Skarsgard film has been parodied by


It was released today, on the same day as the US release of the actual Tarzan epic

The porn version of the film stars Diego Sans as Tarzan, Tobias, Colton Grey, and Luke Adams.


Watch a relatively SFW trailer below:

The parody comes after last year someone made a very strange porn parody of Jurrassic World, which was almost as good as this clip which shows all of the humans in Jurassic Park wearing high heels… for some reason.

Then in December, on the same day that the world went wild for the latest instalment in the Star Wars film franchise, some people went wild for the adult version.

The Tarzan remake comes as Skarsgard, who starred as a pansexual vampire in True Blood, gave some excellent advice about gay sex scenes to any budding Hollywood actors.

Earlier this year, Skarsgård decided to tease those who are eagerly awaiting his eagerly-anticipated turn as Tarzan by arriving at the recent MTV Movie Awards minus his trousers.

Skarsgård turned heads at the première of The Diary of A Teenage Girl, when he showed up on the red carpet in full drag – leaving the world impressed, but also a little confused.

The actor has previously spoken out in support of the LGBT community, claiming “that every human being has equal value and to bully someone or for society to discriminate against someone because they have a different sexual orientation is unacceptable.”