Bianca Del Rio is returning to the UK!

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The Rupaul’s Drag Race champion is bringing over her ‘Not Today Satan’ tour in early 2017.

Self-confessed hate guru Bianca Del Rio is returning to the UK.

Bianca will start the tour at London’s Troxy on February 3, before taking Brighton, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester and Belfast by storm.

Bianca Del Rio is returning to the UK!

Last year, Bianca toured the world with her first sell-out standup act, “Rolodex of Hate”.

In it, she tackled the major events, people and places in her early life that shaped her into one of the world’s fastest rising insult comics.

“Not Today Satan” will pick up right where she left off, chronicling her adventures since winning a certain well-known drag-focused reality show.

“When I’m not busy volunteering at the soup kitchen or knitting socks for orphans, one of my favourite pastimes is gathering the cold, huddled masses into a nice warm room, giving them shelter if only for an hour, and sharing valuable life advice from a hate guru!” Bianca said.

Last year, Bianca spoke to PinkNews about RuPaul, Donald Trump and why the world needs to ‘lighten the f**k up’.

“Well I think everybody’s lost their minds, everybody’s got a little bit too f***ing sensitive,” she said.

“I’m not standing on the steps of The White House with a bull horn saying “this is what’s wrong”. I’m doing my show.

“When you go and see a drag show – and you’re coming to see me in particular – you should know what you’re getting into,” she added.

“I’m not showing up to your house and telling you what’s wrong with your life.”

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