Wedding rings made specifically for same-sex couples are now available at a major US jewelry chain

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Zales is the first major US jewelry retailer to offer wedding rings created for same-sex couples.

The wedding jewelry collection Love and Pride, designed by out jeweler Udi Behr and made specifically for same-sex couples, is now being offered at Zales stores across the US.

The collection, which includes engagement, commitment, wedding and anniversary rings, is currently available at over 60 Zales locations, and will be going into more retail outlets in the country as well as in Canada.

Zales’ website says the elegant, unique, and creative jewelry is crafted from high-quality materials while promoting equality, diversity, and unity.

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Mr Behr said that partnering with Zales has helped his brand “fulfill its mission as a successful business, and as importantly, one that supports the LGBT community and creates an accessible, meaningful option for LGBTQ people seeking products that speak to their hearts.”

He added that the jewelry retailer has been “an amazing ally” and that employees of the store are given training and support “to provide the most inclusive and thoughtful experience” for gay and lesbian couples.

Love and Pride is also a philanthropic business, reportedly donating over $500,000 (£377,800) to The Matthew Shepard Foundation, Marriage Equality USA, and the Human Rights Campaign.

In the past, the brand has partnered with high-end retailers like Fred Segal and Saks 5th Avenue, but the brand’s collaboration with Zales is its biggest yet.

“Until now, no large retailer in the U.S. has had a jewelry collection dedicated to the LGBTQ community. Now, the LGBTQ community knows that Zales stands with Love and Pride and with them,” said Mr Behr. 

“The idea that malls and retail stores across America will have Love and Pride displays for wedding and engagement rings and other LGBTQ-friendly jewelry is a milestone.”


The partnership is also partly a celebration and commemoration of the one-year anniversary of marriage equality in the US.