Melania Trump’s lesbian modelling pics ‘will help Trump win LGBT vote’, radio host insists

Popular right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh has predicted naked photos of Donald Trump‘s wife being fondled by another woman will help win over LGBT people.

Reality TV star-turned-Presidential candidate Donald Trump has embraced a firmly ‘traditional values’ Republican campaign, with LGBT groups sounding alarm at plans to roll back rights codified into the official GOP platform.

But although Trump opposes anti-discrimination protections for actual lesbians and might tactically roll back their right to marry, it turns out his wife might not have some of the same inhibitions.

The New York Post this week dug up pictures of Melania Trump from a 1996 photoshoot for French men’s magazine ‘Max’, in which the potential future First Lady is naked and straddled by Scandinavian model Emma Eriksson. In another picture, Trump is being whipped by Eriksson.

Donald Trump played down the photos, insisting that “In Europe, pictures like this are very fashionable and common”.

But Trump-backing radio host Rush Limbaugh has now predicted that the pictures will actually help convince LGBT people to vote for Trump despite the anti-LGBT Republican platform.

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He said on his radio show: “These are, what would you call, girl-on-girl… nude, girl-on-girl photos with Melania and other women. I think this probably might wrap up the LGBT vote for Trump.

“You never know how these things are seen. You never know.

“And the single, white male vote, particularly the non-college educated, white male vote, yeah.

“I mean isn’t this the kind of stuff that makes people big stars today on Twitter and Facebook, TMZ?

“I mean, this is just like the Kardashians – it’s relatable.”

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