Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan celebrate gender diversity in new beer ad

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Hollywood stars Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan have raised their glasses to gender diversity in a new advert for Bud Light.

The comedians appeared in the 30-second clip, designed to mock the ongoing US election, as candidates for the Bud Light Party.

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan celebrate gender diversity in new beer ad

In the ad, Rogan announces to the crowd that they are going to bring America together to be a party for “men, women, people of all genders”.

However, Schumer took the statement further by adding: “But, you know, gender identity it’s really a spectrum and we don’t need these labels.

“Beer should have labels, not people! We don’t care, we will sell you beer. We’ll sell you a beer any day of the week.”

The advert has been warmly received by thousands of people in the LGBT community who have congratulated Bud Light for recognising non-binary and trans people.

Bud Light Vice President Alex Lambrecht said the advert was about bringing people together.

“From the start of our campaign at the Super Bowl, The Bud Light Party has rallied around bringing people together,” he said.

“In our newest spot, Seth and Amy remind Americans that labels belong on beer, not people — a message Bud Light proudly supports.”

This is not the first time the beer has promoted the LGBT community in their adverts.

In June, the company had Schumer and Rogan celebrate a same-sex wedding in honour of Pride Month.

Check out the video below