Does this video about gay ‘buzzwords’ make you laugh or cry? (VIDEO)

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A new video aims to poke fun at “stereotypical gay buzzwords” – but has been accused of throwing a little too much shade.

US actor Tim Murray has released a video attacking what he calls their “stale” use of gay “buzzwords” in everyday conversation.

“The idea stemmed from a comment on a Facebook picture,” Murray told The Huffington Post.

“Someone wrote ‘#bottom’ on a picture of me as a chubby middle schooler wearing a pooka shell necklace and really unfortunate teevas.

“I was like ‘Well, that’s an unusual response to a picture with a lot of other things going on.”

unfunny gays tim murray1“Then I started noticing it in everyday life.

“Some people (not just gay people) don’t listen when you talk. They have an arsenal of ‘buzz words’ to use as stock answers to anything you say.

“That’s what the sketch is about. Authenticity.”

The video shows two men make allusions to other aspects of gay life, such as dating apps and poppers.

However, although the video is meant to be funny, many have accused Murray of internal homophobia, claiming his video does little more than ridicule feminine men.

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Murray, unsurprisingly. “I want people to take away that they should be their authentic selves. Whether that’s femme, masc, male, female, trans, bilingual, don’t know any languages, silly, bland, super into tamagotchis it doesn’t matter!

“As my hero RuPaul says, ‘Never take yourself too seriously.’”

Check out the video below and decide for yourself: