Cher warns about Donald Trump’s plan to turn back time on LGBT rights

Cher has warned about Donald Trump’s plans to turn back time on LGBT rights.

Mr Trump was previously a lukewarm supporter of LGBT rights, but has changed his stance repeatedly during the campaign in a bid to appeal to the broad Republican base.

His Vice Presidential hopeful Mike Pence is an avowed opponent of LGBT rights, while some of his policy advisers, like Tea Party politician Michele Bachmann, harbour extreme anti-gay views.

In recent months the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee has pledged to appoint justices to repeal equal marriage, come out in favour of North Carolina’s anti-trans bathroom law, and hinted at ‘religious freedom’ laws to permit anti-LGBT discrimination.

Gay icon Cher, who is hitting the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton in a bid to stop Trump, told supporters at an LGBT event in Provincetown that the Republicans could cause real harm to LGBT rights under Trump.

She said: “I fear for you because I know what they will try to do – they [Trump and Pence] will try to turn back every clock, they will try to take back every one of your rights.

“He doesn’t mean we want to ‘Make America Great Again.’ He means: ‘We want to make America straight and white’.”

She concluded: “I just think he’s a f***ing idiot. I just wish he would fall off the face of the Earth.”

In an interview with MSNBC, Cher said: “He’s the most disingenuous man I’ve ever seen. And I want to tell you, my people will not believe it.

I read that he was at a 7-hour closed-door meeting with 400 of the most conservative anti-LGBT people that there are, so how does he go from that meeting to telling my people that he will protect them?

“I fear for those people. I feat for what they will do to those people… to my people!”

Cher added that her fears have a personal element too – her son Chaz Bono is transgender.