Barbra Streisand just duetted with ‘Trump’ and it was magnificent (VIDEO)

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Barbra Streisand, who has already pledged her allegiance to Hillary Clinton, surprised fans when she took to the stage to duet with Donald Trump.

Okay so it’s Jimmy Fallon dressed as trump, but Streisand’s duet with Fallon as Trump is pretty hilarious.

Streisnad 2

The Tonight Show host and the diva sang an updated, and very political version of the classic ‘Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better’.

“Any wall you can build I can build taller/ I can build any wall taller than you,” ‘Trump’ sings to the dismay of Streisand.

Of Clinton, Streisand says: “She’s going to win huuuuuuge!”

Of course Fallon is not the first personality to take on Trump – Meryl Streep did her best earlier this year, and it was pretty accurate.

Watch the video below: