TripAdvisor user claims there’s too many gays in one of the gayest places on Earth

A TripAdvisor user has caused outrage by suggesting there were “too many gay couples” in Gran Canaria.

MooSmith21 left a review for the Hotel Neptune in Playa del Inglés earlier this month where he said the “food was brilliant but made to feel uncomfortable by the gays”.

TripAdvisor user claims there’s too many gays in one of the gayest places on Earth

In his review of the hotel, located in one of the biggest LGBT tourist destinations in Europe, Moosmith states he’s “not homophobic” but added there was a “definite feeling of them and us”.

He starts his review by praising the hotel’s food and the fact the staff were very helpful.

Turning to his homophobic rant, he added: “Although we knew that this was an adult only hotel I was quite shocked at the amount of gay couples.

“Because of this we never spent too much time at the hotel or relaxing around the pool as I felt very uncomfortable.

“The location of the hotel meant that we were able to get around with ease however in the immediate surrounding areas there are gay bars, gay hotels and gay wrestling shows which wasn’t for me and again made me feel uncomfortable.

“One guy also sent a drink up to my room even though I had never spoken to him and my girlfriend was visible. Bit perverted if you ask me!”

The review has now been removed from TripAdvisor but was shared on Twitter, where a number of people hit back with disgust.

Someone asked if the reviews were moderated, while another questioned the man’s masculinity.

The majority of comments though, wanted to know if he had drunk the free drink.

A spokesman for TripAdvisor said:”We do not allow reviews that promote intolerance for individuals or groups of people based on their sexual preference.

“Where there is a concern that a review does not meet our guidelines, we encourage both business owners and our wider community to report their concerns to us and our content specialists will then investigate.

“That is what happened in this case and as a result, we have removed the review.”