James Franco strips to a towel to endorse Hillary Clinton

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James Franco has backed Hillary Clinton for president in what may be one of the year’s most surreal endorsement videos yet.

The outspoken actor strips to an ‘I’m With Her’ towel while reeling off a list of not-quite-true accomplishments of Clinton’s as he offers his endorsement.



“She didn’t just bring Iran to the table,” he begins. “She whittled the table from a single piece of oak.

“Her laugh is in the Smithsonian. Yoda was her apprentice. She’s the most interesting woman in the world.

“I don’t always endorse candidates. But when I do, they’re extraordinary.”

Of course, it’s not really any surprise that Franco prefers Clinton to Trump, not least because of his vocal support of the LGBT community over the years.

It’s generally thought that Clinton would do more to support the LGBT community than Donald Trump, and she even held a recent campaign rally in a Florida gay bar.

Franco will next appear in gay porn murder drama King Cobra, which he’s been busy promoting in his own unusual way.

He’s accused co-star Keegan Allen of stuffing his Speedo for the part, while Christian Slater has admitted that he and Franco got “competitive” over their respective gay sex scenes.