This lesbian motorcycle gang are saving babies across New York

A lesbian motorcycle gang are putting their bikes to use by riding across New York delivering breast milk to babies in need.

The Milk Bank is one of the first comprehensive banks in New York as it collects, pasteurises and distributes breast milk to babies in need across the state.

Julie Bouchet-Horwitz, the founder of the Milk Bank needed a way to distribute product quickly and thought of motorcycles, which can get around traffic easily.

“We need to get milk into facility and then out, we required a delivery service which is where Sirens MC come in. These are badass women and it seemed like such a good idea to employ their services to help us,” Bouchet-Horwitz said.

The women ride all different kind of bikes that help them get to hospitals and infants in need faster.

The club, who formed in 1986, can get in and out of Manhattan quickly and are proud to offer the service that they do.

They initially formed because they were not allowed to join men’s motorcycle clubs, who have rules that state women can only be property of male members – they cannot be members themselves.

Sirens have a policy of any woman any bike, and avoid “property” stipulations when it comes to joining up.

The group describe themselves as “strong women” and when they were approached by the bank they didn’t hesitate for a second to help out.

“It was pretty unanimous to help out. Little girls when they see us on the road they light up like ‘Wow! girls can do that’ so delivering breastmilk is just a little bit cooler,” said one of the riders.