This mother donated 5,000 pints of breast milk to gay dads and premature babies

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A mother living in the US has decided to donate 5,000 pints of her breast milk to gay dads and babies who were born prematurely.

Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra is able to produce twice the amount of breast milk as the average woman due to hyper lactation syndrome.

Elisabeth Keturah Anderson-Sierra donated her breast milk
(Photo by Elisabeth Keturah Anderson-Sierra/Facebook)

Because of this, the 29-year-old is spending ten hours a day pumping two gallons of breast milk.

She is making the most of the syndrome and pumping the milk to donate to babies in need of a nutritious natural milk source.

So far, she has donated 5,000 pints of her breast milk which has been donated to gay dads and feed their babies.

As well as using her days helping other parents, Anderson-Sierra also feeds and looks after her own six-month old daughter.

She has said the work is almost like a full-time job as she sterilises, packages and freezes the milk and then stores it in one of the four freezers she has in her home.

While a lot of the milk is donated to a milk bank, some local mothers drop by Anderson-Sierra’s home to collect it.

As well as children of gay couples and mothers who cannot yet produce breast milk because of premature births, she is also donating milk to mothers who cannot produce milk because of a mastectomy following breast cancer.

A lesbian motorcycle gang are putting their bikes to use by riding across New York delivering breast milk to babies in need.

The Milk Bank is one of the first comprehensive banks in New York as it collects, pasteurises and distributes breast milk to babies in need across the state.

Julie Bouchet-Horwitz, the founder of the Milk Bank needed a way to distribute product quickly and thought of motorcycles, which can get around traffic easily.

“We need to get milk into a facility and then out, we required a delivery service which is where Sirens MC come in. These are badass women and it seemed like such a good idea to employ their services to help us,” Bouchet-Horwitz said.

The women ride all different kind of bikes that help them get to hospitals and infants in need faster.