A George Michael fan has painted a moving tribute to his hero

A fan of George Michael has painted a moving tribute to the star who died on Christmas Day.

The Wham! star died of a suspected heart attack, aged 53.


Street artist Pegasus went out in Hackney, London, to paint a pink, blue and black mural of the ‘Last Christmas’ star.

As well as the painting, he included the line “never gonna dance again”, a line from the 1984 hit ‘Careless Whisper’.

Speaking to Mashable, he explained why he took the time to paint his hero.

“I created this tribute yesterday using multilayered stencils which I drew and cut myself,” he said.

“It took me just over four hours in the freezing cold.

“George Michael’s music has always been a huge influence in my life.

“From a young age he made me feel like it was acceptable to be different in this world.”

Pegasus met the star around 14 years ago while working in London’s West End.

“I was lucky enough to meet George Michael 14 years ago when I was working at a clothing store in Berkeley Square,” he added.

“I was floored when he walked in and asked me to take his measurements!

“My hands were shaking as I measured his neck and I remember mumbling: ‘You are my hero.’

“He smiled and said he was no hero.”

A George Michael fan has painted a moving tribute to his hero

It was revealed after his death that George had been secretly donating millions to charities and good causes.