20 Biden and Obama memes that will give you all the feels

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months you may have noticed the internet blowing up with memes of Vice President Joe Biden terrorising Barack Obama with his plans for when Donald Trump moves into the White House.

Biden memes aren’t new. These memes which portray Biden as the ‘Uncle Joe’ jokester of the White House’s most prolific bromance began to surface over two years ago. Yet with Trump’s shock win after last week’s election, witty wordsmiths have had a field day adding to their meme banks.


Trump’s transition team is packed with anti-LGBT activists which has prompted concern from LGBT rights activists.

Many Twitter users have turned it into an art form, creating a fictional dialogue between two of the most powerful men in the United States. And the internet is loving it.

New iterations of the memes came about when Obama awarded Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom last week.

20. When Biden really hoped the sorting hat would put him in a non-evil house

20 Biden and Obama memes that will give you all the feels

19. Biden was probably a little disappointed when he bit into his medal

20 Biden and Obama memes that will give you all the feels

18. And he didn’t really get what the medal means… but whatever makes him happy ?

20 Biden and Obama memes that will give you all the feels

17. When Biden knew he was handing over the White House bill to a billionaire


16. Subtle Biden, subtle


15. *Googles Donald Trump’s hands*


14. When he didn’t care if he was being unreasonable


13. When he used his remaining two months in the White House for good


12. When he couldn’t admit he has attachment issues


11. When he knew how to enjoy the small things in life


10. When he got his serious face on


9. The meme that started it all …


8. When Biden knew what the real issues were


7. Because Uncle Joe has always been down with the young folk


6. When the VP began to get all sentimental


5. And began to get separation anxiety


4. When Obama betrayed him after all they’ve been through


3. When Biden knew there was only one way to win Obama over.


2. When he got scared for a second


1. And when they both ran off happily into the sunset, not having to deal with the shitstorm left in their wake


A Trump presidency is a terrifying many in the LGBT community, so PinkNews analysed what it means for LGBT rights.