Olympic diver Tom Daley expresses regret after video of him having online sex surfaces

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Olympic Diver Tom Daley has spoken about his relationship with fiancé Dustin Lance Black after a video of Daley having online sex emerged.

The video was filmed when the couple were on a hiatus from their relationship because they were dealing with long distance.

Daley allegedly told the Sun that his partner knew about his online sex sessions before the videos surfaced online, and has pledged that it will never happen again.

“This will absolutely never happen again now that we’re getting married,” the diver said. “The date is set, and we’re raring and ready to go for that wedding now.”

“Lance and I had a period of time apart, and then coming back together and realising we’re meant for each other.

Daley defended his actions, but expressed regret over the video being shared.

“I’m 22 years old, and if you talk to someone through social media it is what it is. It was nothing more than that. We never physically met.

“But in the modern world this is what can happen — things are more accessible online, and distributed, and they spread like wildfire,” he said.

The couple no longer have to make their long distance relationship work, and are enjoying spending time together and planning their wedding.

Daley said: “Me and Lance after working through that distance through the amount of time we’ve been together, sometimes it takes something like a little bit of time apart to realise how fond you are of each other.

“That’s why we’ve been enjoying planning our wedding so much in the last few weeks.

“We don’t have secrets in our relationship. We’re honest and open about everything. When we were back together I told him everything.”

Now, they hope to move on in their relationship by being completely honest with each other.

Daley added: “We’re soulmates — and the only way that we were going to get back to that point was to be honest, open and share everything that happened in our time away from each other.

“It’s totally crucial to us that we are completely and totally open with each other.

“I don’t think I’ve done anything more or less than any other 22-year-old has done. Lance and I have such a strong connection that again our honesty and openness is so important.”