Trump voters set up their own dating site because everyone else calls them racist homophobes

An online dating site that caters specifically to Donald Trump supporters has surged in popularity after his surprising election victory over Hillary Clinton.

Dave Goss, of California, launched in May 2016 and now has over 26,000 subscribers – 8,000 of which have signed up since November.

The aim of the new site is simple: to help Trump supporters find dates without fear of being abused because of their political affiliations.  Unlike other more mainstream dating sites, however, Goss and his partner manually go through and approve each user’s profile to ensure new members are genuine Trump supporters and not internet trolls trying to infiltrate his site.

Goss told iNews:“With all of the devices and the echo chamber that basically keeps telling everybody that we are these terrible, horrible, homophobic, misogynists, all these terrible things just because we are Trump supporters, it’s hard to go out and find dates just with the regular populace.

“We’re here for Trump supporters.  People can come, they know that they are dating somebody with the same political affiliations, somebody who has the same ideals, that they are like-minded, they have the same values that they want in life, in a family and in a relationship.”

The site caters for gay people – though not bisexuals., however, has not been without controversy.  Since the site’s inception, servers have been attacked repeatedly and has sometimes caused the site to go down for days at a time.

Goss says that he has already received testimonials of successful dates.  “We had one woman who said they went to a gun range on their first date and then dinner after that, and then they’ve gone on a second date to dinner and a movie.  As far as I know they’ve set up to go on a third date.”

While the site’s popularity continues to increase, resistance to Trump has gained momentum as well.  Attendance of the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. on Trump’s first full day in power is estimated to be at over half a million attendees with a larger estimate of more than 3.3 million people across 500 cities in the United States alone.

This, however, has not dissuaded Goss.  He says his ultimate mission is unity even if it comes at the cost of his new business venture.  “As an American, I want to see us come back together.  If we are able to come back together and it makes my site obsolete, I’m 100 percent okay with that because my country being whole again is far more important to me than this dating site.”