They’re not done yet! Gays For Trump march in second annual rally

Ruminate as much as you like, but it’s hard to think of a more self-defeating group than Gays For Trump.

They may be proud of their sexuality, but they sure as heck don’t mind supporting a President who scrapped protections for transgender students in schools, attempted to stop trans people serving in the army, and disturbingly, did not vote against the death penalty in a UN summit, making it the only country where homosexuality is legal to do so.

But that isn’t going to stop Gays For Trump any time soon. In fact, they’re going to meet on 4 March for their second annual rally in support of the President.

“I think Trump is doing very well,” said rally organiser and group creator Peter Boykin to LGBTQ Nation.

“I give Donald Trump big praise.”


WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 19: U.S. President Donald Trump stands in the colonnade as he is introduced to speak to March for Life participants and pro-life leaders in the Rose Garden at the White House on January 19, 2018 in Washington, DC. The annual march takes place around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Supreme Court decision that came on January 22, 1974. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Donald Trump: most definitely not a queer icon (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

The rally, which will take place outside of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, is expected to attract a crowd of 1000 people according to the organiser – which would be a sharp surge in comparison to the couple of hundreds of people who turned up last year.

The group, apart from the obvious, have faced some acts of controversy.

The group attempted to raise funds for a Gays For Trump billboard in Orlando, near the site of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

Boykin’s husband, who is also active with the group, was thrown out of a Trump rally in 2016 for assaulting a protester.

Nonetheless, gay politico Boykins has carried on his battle to support the anti-gay President, and runs a pro-Trump radio station, MAGAOne.


“MAGA is NOT a POLITICAL CONCEPT! IT IS AN AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE!” he wrote in a Facebook status requesting funding for the channel.

However, it appears that his efforts have not been a success so far.

To date, MAGAOne has received ¢50 of donations since the crowdfunding page went live in October, a far stretch from its ¢5000 goal.