Gay refugee ‘abused by police, refused asylum, and told he had himself to blame’

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A gay refugee was initially refused asylum in Germany, after allegedly being assaulted by police and told he only had himself to blame.

The unnamed 28 year old told officials in Europe he was a “partially out” gay man in his home country of Tunisia, and that it was important for him “to represent the queer community on the street”.

He told an asylum hearing he was arrested for his sexuality, and once in police custody physically and sexually assaulted.

However, after fleeing North Africa officials in Germany told him he should have done more to report the abuse.

“Possible lapses of individual police officers cannot be transferred to the entirety of the Tunisian state’s security forces,” the Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) said in their decision.

“The applicant has to attribute his behaviour to himself.”

Gay refugee ‘abused by police, refused asylum, and told he had himself to blame’

Drawing attention to his case, the Queer Refugees Network Leipzig slammed the decision as “inhumane”.

Following wider media attention BAMF decided to revisit the case, granting asylum this week.

The network also supported the case of a second Tunisian refugee, who similarly had his request refused, despite citing repeated abuse from family members and strangers.

At the time German officials said he did not qualify for asylum as “he could continue to live in Tunisia without fearing persecution”.

His case also been overturned.