Grey’s Anatomy star called out Dustin Lance Black for ‘bi erasure’ in When We Rise

Grey’s Anatomy star Sara Ramirez has taken aim at Dustin Lance Black for the lack of representation of bisexual people in When We Rise.

Writing on twitter Ramirez, who came out as bisexual last year, said that “our story needs to be told” alongside a piece of text accusing the screen writer of bi-erasure.

The text Ramirez shared, written by Lani Ka’ahumanu, explains that the “B is missing from this epic LGBT doc-drama.”

“Yes this LGBT mini-series “WHEN WE RISE” is a big deal AND there is no bisexual representation.

“When LGBT people rose in San Francisco (and everywhere else), we rose together.

“Bisexuals worked shoulder to shoulder with Cleve Jones, Ken Jones, Roma Guy and Cecilia Chung whose lives are featured,” it states.

Ka’ahumanu goes on to write that despite When We Rise being brilliant, it was still important to “mourn the poor Bi+ representation”.

“This is not to take away from their incredible contributions; this is to point out what might not be noticed in the excitement of watching “When We Rise”.

“Indeed, this is not a zero-sum game, we can honour those depicted in When We Rise, and mourn the poor Bi+ representation.”

As well as sharing the text by Ka’ahumanu, Ramirez tweeted a link to a blog post by Martin Rawlings-Fein for the Bay Area Bisexual Network.

Rawlings-Fein wrote that while watching the series he found himself waiting for a bisexual leader to be introduced, but was consistently let down.

“Our stories are not convenient, they do not fit into the boxes in which others try to place them,” he said.

Black replied to Ramirez saying that he “admired her”, but that the claims were not true.

“I admire you greatly @SaraRamirez, but this statement is not true. Real bisexual people & bi activists are portrayed in WhenWeRise,” Black wrote.