Gay people are ‘better and cleverer’ than other people, says Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies

Russell T Davies has said gay people are “better and cleverer” than other people.

The screenwriter and producer, who helped revive the BBC show Doctor Who, was speaking on Attitude Magazine’s podcast.

He was asked why he thought the programme – which he worked on for five years after convincing the BBC to resurrect it – had such a large gay following.

In response, he said: “It takes a lot of nerve and a lot of work to love Doctor Who, I think.

“I’m gonna be really bold now and say you’ve got to be cleverer than the normal viewer.”

The mastermind showrunner behind Queer as Folk and Casanova continued: “You’ve got to take more of a risk, you’ve gotta invest in it.

“Because you’ve got to fill those gaps where it’s looking cheap or it’s looking poor.

“It’s a very imaginative act to watch Doctor Who, and I think gay people are better and cleverer and more imaginative than anyone else.”

Davies did not say if that was why he was enamoured enough with the show to pressure the BBC to bring it back.

When asked why he was a fan of the Doctor, he said: “You might as well ask me why I love chicken, or why I love chips, or why I love sunshine.

“Doctor Who’s been there since I was born.”

Among those mooted to play the next incarnation of the Doctor is Tilda Swinton and Ben Whishaw, though Fleabag creator and actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the current bookies’ favourite.