Doctor Who’s Russell T Davies confirms the Doctor is ‘in love’ with Rogue after gay kiss

Russell T Davies (left) in a brown jacket. He is standing against a patterned grey wall. On the right a still from Doctor Who featuring the Doctor and Rogue kissing.

Doctor Who showrunner and gay screenwriter Russell T Davies has confirmed that Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor is “in love” following his recent gay kiss.

In Saturday’s (8 June) episode of the long-running BBC sci-fi, the Doctor encountered the mysterious Rogue, played by gay Glee star Jonathan Groff.

The pair went from foes to friends to potentially more than friends, as Rogue opened up about losing a special man in his life.

As the duo fought ​​off the villainous bird creatures, the Chuldur, they grew closer, suggesting they would “argue across the stars” together at some future point in time.

Rogue took the opportunity towards the end of the episode to plant a kiss on the Doctor’s lips, heralding in the Time Lord’s first full-fledged gay romance.

And a romance it most certainly is, as Davies has confirmed that the pair are “in love”.

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Jonathan Groff (L), Millie Gibson and Ncuti Gatwa (R) in Doctor Who.
Rogue (L), Ruby and the Doctor met in Regency England. (James Pardon/BBC Studios)

Speaking at a BAFTA’s A Life in Pictures event in London last night (10 June), Davies explained why Gatwa’s iteration of the Doctor arguably has more personality than previous regenerations, and why he made his feelings about Rogue so clear.

Davies said he wanted Doctor Who to be a “haven” for children whose “characters are being forged by adult material” on social media. He was looking for the Doctor to be more expressive, so children feel able to be honest with their emotions, too.

“He is happier than he used to be. He’s sadder than he used to be. He’s angry and he shows it. He’s started talking about his family, he’s just opening up a bit more,” Davies said.

“You’ve still got to keep the character the same. He’s still got secrets… but he’s falling in love. He fell in love with Jonathan Groff on Saturday. I just wanted someone who resonated more.”

Following the kiss, Gatwa revealed the moment he and Groff realised they had chemistry.

“He is an incredible actor. I Zoomed with him, and I guess that was our chemistry read. And it was… full of chemistry,” Gatwa laughed. 

As Gatwa’s first season wraps up, with the epic finale “Empire of Death” set to air on 22 June, Davies has already teased about the second.

In April, he suggested that companion Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) will be the “spine of the whole show”.

He went on say that one episode of the next season is the “best ever” in the show’s history.

While discussing how he works with other writers to bring his ideas to life, Davies said: “I can’t give examples, because I don’t want to give it away but there’s one [episode] next year that I very specifically said I want this thing crossed with that thing.

“That’s the best episode ever. Episode six next year, watch episode six next year. I’s a riot. It’s hilarious.”

Doctor Who is streaming on BBC iPlayer in the UK and Disney+ in the US. Episode seven, “The Legend of Ruby Sunday” can be seen at 6.30pm on BBC One on Saturday (15 June).

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