Rare David Bowie video shows the star saying: ‘I am never going to die’

The band Placebo shared rare footage of their time performing with David Bowie ahead of their new release this weekend.

Placebo, often referred to as ‘Glam,’ opened several concerts for Bowie in 1996 before their first album was released.

The androgynous 90s rock band are releasing their 1998 David Bowie collaboration this weekend in honour of Record Store Day.

To celebrate the newest release of their song ‘Without You I’m Nothing’ on coloured picture disc vinyl, the band shared a video of them performing live with Bowie in 1999, with cuts of interview footage.

In the video, Bowie recalled the first time he heard the song ‘Nancy Boy,’ saying: “That’s a terrific song for a bunch of chaps to sing. I think they’ll probably be huge.”

Speaking about band members Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal, Bowie said, “I’ve enjoyed watching them grow.

“Hopefully I can watch them grow into old age as well, because I am never going to die.”

Bowie invited the duo to play at his 50th birthday party in Madison Square Garden, in 1997.

Placebo then joined him on the European leg of his summer 1997 tour, promoting Bowie’s album Earthling.

‘Without You I am Nothing’ was first released by Virgin Records in 1998 on the album of the same name.

The first release of the song which featured Bowie was released as a bonus track on Placebo’s third album, ‘Black Market Music.’

In 2013, Molko spoke out in celebration of the passing of the equal marriage bill in England and Wales, saying: “If gay people are crazy enough to want to get married, it should be allowed.”

Placebo is popular in the LGBT community, with its members identifying as gay, bisexual and straight.

Their members have explored ideas of androgyny and sexuality in their appearance and lyrics.

Record Store Day is an annual event that brings together fans, artists and independent record stores across the world.

A small number of records are pressed specifically for the day and distributed in participating record stores across the globe.

This year will include live albums from David Bowie, a triple live album of Iggy Pop’s Post Pop Depression show at Royal Albert Hall, The Cure’s greatest hits and acoustic hits and Toto’s Africa on vinyl in the shape of the continent.