A mother who made her RuPaul-inspired young son a drag queen gets accused of child abuse

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A mother who dragged up her young son after they enjoyed an episode of RuPauls’ Drag Race together has been accused of child abuse.

Author Mikli Feria Jorge shared the pics of her and her son on Twitter and explained how it all came about.

“We were watching RuPaul’s Drag Race last night and this little one was, ‘I want to do that also!’,” she said.

Drag queen kid
The family have been inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race (Twitter)

Jorge added: “He had me do his wings, insisted on eyelashes, ate carefully to not ruin his lipstick.”

The posts received a mixed response on social media.

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“You’re destroying this boys life, before it even gets started. Parenting isn’t for everyone – clearly,” said DabizLegend.

Lis said: “In 10 years time your son will be gutted that this went viral… State of him. His head will be fuc*ed in a few years.”

Daz Williz added: “Social services need to save this child from his mum.”

Some commenters argued that helping her son drag up was “child abuse”, and another said that “she needs to be in jail”.

A more considered approach came from Gracie Maryee, who said: “I find it interesting that, when a boy dresses feminine, it’s an outrage, but when I was a girl I was encouraged to be a tomboy.

“It just goes to show how anti-feminine society is.”

Jorge’s son isn’t the first pre-teen to drag up in public, of course.

Earlier this year, eight-year-old drag queen Lactacia stole the show during a Bianca Del Rio comedy set in Montreal, Canada during the RuPaul’s Drag Race queen’s Werq the World Tour.

Bianca said: “I absolutely adore you. I love the fact that you’re here, and what I love most about this is that your mum is here supporting you.”

The aspiring drag queen, real name Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden, is a young Drag Race obsessive who is helped by his mum and sister.

Last year, a nine-year-old boy was left in tears of joy after getting a surprise Halloween visit from one of his heroes, Bob the Drag Queen.