TV host goes on vile rant about transgender people

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The internet’s angriest man went on a despicable rant about trans people.

Alex Jones of InfoWars is a popular figure with far-right Donald Trump supporters and conspiracy theorists online.

The pundit enjoys close relationships with associates of Trump including his former campaign chief Roger Stone, who has appeared several times on Jones’ internet TV show.

Jones has made a string of hateful comments in the past about gay people, Muslims and African-Americans, and has now turned his fire on trans people.
Alex Jones

In a segment this week, Jones ranted about a transgender man who has publicly opened up about giving birth.

Jones said: “We’ve got insanity in this hour… we’ve got British man, who ‘makes history’ by giving birth to baby daughter.

“When I read the headline, I said, it’ll be a woman that thinks she’s a man that had a baby. And sure enough, it was. Because they haven’t produced artificial wombs that work properly.”

The conspiracy theorist said: “They still got to use cows to grow humanoids and clones.”

He said: “They say it’s a man. It’s fraud! It’s not that I hate mentally ill people.

“If somebody wants to go be a woman or be a tranny, if it’s a gay guy and wants to go pick up more guys, you want to go get breast implants and doll your hair up, knock yourself out. I’m all for freedom.”

But he screamed: “The media runs with it that a man had a baby – no a woman had a baby. A woman had a baby. A woman had a baby. A woman! A woman! A woman!

“Just like male and female whales, male and female rabbits, male and female praying mantises, male and female bats, male and female tigers. Back up.

“This is mass mental illness saying that you’re biologically a man when you’re a woman and you’ve got a uterus. It’s like the South Park piece where he thinks he’s a dolphin.”

Check out the clip via Media Matters below:

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