Gay couple seeking asylum in Germany viciously attacked

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A gay couple from Serbia who are seeking asylum in Germany has been viciously beaten to within an inch of their life.

The two men, who are married, have both been hospitalised after they were severely beaten in the attack that took place in a refugee camp.

LGBT activist Javid Nabiyev drew attention to the horrific attack in a video he shared on Facebook.

In the video, Nabiyev shared video footage of the two men after the attack.

They can be seen with blood dripping down their clothes and onto the floor.

The couple had allegedly fled Serbia because they faced persecution from their families who threatened to incite violence against them.

When they arrived in Germany, they were told to try and hide their sexuality while in the camps to avoid homophobia, according to Nabiyev.

“They did their best to hide as suggested by social workers,” he said.

The activist went on to explain that he had tried to help the couple transfer to a safer camp but he could not because they needed a good “reason” for a transfer.

He said: “To make officials to believe and to prove the urgency of the situation they needed to face attack.

“They don’t want to believe when they complain about the situation in a verbal way.”

Nabiyev explained that the couple were now left in limbo.

One of them requires surgery following the attack, but once they heal they will be sent back to the same camp because there is “nowhere else” for them.

He added that the attacker had been let go having only given a statement, meaning that they will have the opportunity to attack the couple again once they return.

Nabiyev went on to insist that people need to call on the German Government to take action.

He finished: “How many people should face this kind of attack, to make all of you believe, to convince you, our situation is urgent?”

“If this person was a German citizen would police react the same way?”