Gay couple ‘sprayed with holy water’ and bombarded with homophobic abuse after hugging in the street

TikTok video shows woman harassing a gay couple during homophobic incident in Mexico

A TikTok video has shown the moment a gay couple were verbally attacked by a woman in the street in Mexico after she saw them hugging each other.

Leonardo Hernandez and his partner were sitting near a church in Toluca – located 50 miles west of Mexico City – when the woman approached the pair and started spraying ‘holy’ water on them while abusing them verbally.

One of the men recorded the incident and uploaded the footage to TikTok, where it has racked up hundreds of thousands of views.

The woman in question approached the pair before accusing them of tainting children and spraying them with water, NBC News reported. The woman also shouted “Get out right now! I’m going to call the police” as the couple sat in shock and filmed the altercation.


Que dificil entender que alguien puede tratarte asi por el hecho de de amar libremente 💔 los buenos somos más; Gracias a las autoridades y gente de la iglesia que decidieron actuar con amor y congruencia 💖🏳️‍🌈

♬ sonido original – Leonardo Hernández
The pair were minding their own business when the woman sprayed them and began saying homophobic slurs (@leoperovirgo)

Stranger still, after harassing the pair on the street, the woman can be seen taking out her mobile phone saying she will call the police.

 “They come from other depraved countries to teach immorality to the youth here,” she said.

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The woman falsely told the police that the couple were trespassing on the property, which is clearly seen in the video. Eventually, Hernandez speaks to a police officer who then explains the situation and that him and his partner were simply hugging, not doing anything wrong.

The couple chose to be respectful to the woman despite her trying to force the couple away from the church.

In the video, the officer tells Hernandez and his partner that he had explained to the woman that what she was doing was discriminating against them and homophobic. However, to avoid further conflict, the officer suggests the couple should vacate the area.

“Its difficult to understand that someone can treat you like this for loving freely [red broken-heart emoji] the good are more”, Hernandez wrote in the video’s caption.

“Thanks to the authorities and people of the church who decided to act with love and consistency.”

In 2021, a was “besotón”, or kiss-a-thon, was staged at the Six Flags Mexico theme park after a queer couple visiting said they were victims of “homophobia”.

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