Skins Generation 2: Where are they now?

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The second generation of Skins stars made a splash when they debuted in 2009.

But you might wonder what they are up to now. A surprising number of the cast of seasons three and four found fame after the BAFTA-winning show finished.

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Kaya Scodelario – Effy Stonem

Effy Skins then and now

Scodelario played the badass Effy, Tony’s younger sister in seasons one to four. Effy eventually ended up in prison for insider trading.

Scodelario starred in 2009’s sci-fi hit Moon and 2011’s adaptation of Wuthering Heights.

Later, she found fame in The Maze Runner and its sequels, as well as in this year’s Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Lisa Backwell – Pandora Moon

Pandora Skins then and now
The dysfunctional but adorable best-friendship between Effy and Pandora played out in seasons three and four, in a similar fashion to Sid and Tony in seasons one and two.

Backwell found some success in acting since leaving the Skins cast, starring opposite Keira Knightley in a 2011 production of The Children’s Hour.

She also was a guest star on ITV’s Endeavour in 2012, as well as a couple of other shorts.

In 2015, sources close to the star said she had retired from acting and that she was living in Bristol and studying finance. But according to her Twitter profile, she is studying chemistry and enjoys cycling.

Backwell was even selling her original dress from the Skins promo shoot.

She appeared to have kept in touch with her Skins cast-mates, and used to tweet about them often.

Merveille Lukeba – Thomas Tomone

Thomas Skins then and now
Lukeba’s character Thomas was involved romantically with Pandora, after emigrating from the Congo to Bristol.

He made a mistake when he slept with his pastor’s daughter, and struggled to make ends meet, initially squatting in an abandoned flat.

The actor has continued working since leaving Skins, with guests spots in various shows including a 2012 episode of Lewis.

Despite a hiatus, Lukeba returned to the screen in 2016 in A United Kingdom.

Jack O’Connell – James Cook

Cook Skins then and now
Jack O’Connell has seen massive success since leaving Skins in 2013. His Skins character was wild and abrasive, a bit of a lad, but did show his emotions at points.

In love with Effy, he sparred with best friend Freddie, and eventually seemed to get the girl albeit in tragic circumstances.

After leaving Cook behind, O’Connell has starred on the silver screen in various films including Starred Up and was directed by Angelina Jolie in ’71 and Unbroken.

He continues to work as an actor and appeared in Godless, and is even slated to play Alexander McQueen in an upcoming, untitled project about the fashion legend.

Luke Pasqualino – Freddie Mclair

Freddie Skins then and now
Pasqualino’s stint on Skins came to an abrupt end when Effy’s jealous psychiatrist Dr Foster murdered him with a baseball bat.

Before that Freddie, a loyal friend and skater had an on-and-off relationship with Effy and competed with Cook for her affections.

After leaving, he has amassed an impressive resume, appearing on the big and small screens.

He starred as d’Artagnan on BBC One’s The Musketeers, and appeared in the Battlestar Galactica prequel Blood & Chrome and in Snowpiercer.

Pasqualino continues to work as an actor, finding fame in 2016’s Our Girl, and in the Snatch TV series, released this year – as well as some upcoming projects.

Ollie Barbieri – Jonah Jeremiah ‘JJ’ Jones

JJ Skins then and now
Barbieri starred in Skins seasons three and four as JJ – also in love with Effy, JJ was an amateur magician and found it hard to get along with people at college.

He was the only actor to star in every episode of seasons three and four.

After leaving JJ behind, Barbieri starred in British film Anuvahood in 2011 and in a few shorts.

He continues to act and direct, starring in Blood Money, a documentary, and tweets a lot about his opposition to Brexit.

Kathryn Prescott – Emily Fitch

Emily Skins then and now
Emily Fitch was the quieter of the Skins twins who got together with Naomi, and struggled to find acceptance from her twin Katie, played by her real twin.

Since leaving the show she has found a lot of work as an actor including on the popular MTV show Finding Carter.

She has worked a lot in the US in 24: Legacy and The Son. She continues to work as an actor with upcoming projects in the works.

Megan Prescott – Katie Fitch

Katie SKins then and now
The more outgoing twin, Katie struggled to accept her twin’s lesbian relationship with Naomi Campbell.

Now a body builder, and having appeared on Channel 4’s Tattoo Fixers, Prescott has worked on and off, appearing in TV shows Holby City and Silent Witness.

She has appeared in several shorts, and has upcoming projects set to be released in 2017.

These include documentary Sleeping Rough and another short Cut.

Lily Loveless – Naomi Campbell

Naomi Skins then and now
Loveless played Naomi in Skins seasons three and four. Her character’s relationship with Emily Fitch was adorable albeit sometimes tumultuous.

Her character developed terminal cancer, cutting short the romantic pairing.

Loveless has worked solidly as an actor since leaving Skins, in various TV shows, shorts and feature films.

She starred opposite Joe Dempsie in The Fades, and opposite fellow Skins star Luke Pasqualino in The Musketeers on the BBC.

We Are the Kings which is in post-production also stars Loveless.

In 2009, Loveless said her on-screen lesbian relationship has helped gay girls find the courage to come out.