Congresswoman sued for putting up gay pride flag at her office

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A US politician has become the focus of a lawsuit, after displaying a rainbow flag outside her offices in Washington DC.

Congresswoman Susan Davis, along with three of her colleagues, has been displaying the flag outside her office since March 2015, alongside the US and California flags.

Chris Sevier, the man behind the 38-page complaint, is arguing that “homosexuality” and other parts of the LGBT spectrum are a “religion”.

He claims this means the flag is a symbol for the “homosexual denomination”, meaning members of Congress should remove the flags.

While the rainbow flag isn’t a religious symbol, displays of faith have still been permitted on Government properties.

It isn’t the first time the lawyer has tried to make a ridiculous point about LGBT equality either.

Earlier this year he put forward a lawsuit to try and marry his Macbook computer in Utah, something he said was comparable with same-sex marriage.

Sadly he was told he and his laptop would be unable to tie the knot though, as it was actually under the legal age of consent.

He has also filed similar requests in Kentucky and Texas, both of which, unsurprisingly, have failed.

In this latest case he is seeking damages of just $1 – his primary focus is to get the flags removed.

Congresswoman sued for putting up gay pride flag at her office
San Diego, where the Congresswoman represents, holds an annual pride (Image:Tristan Loper / Flickr)

Speaking about the proceedings, the Democrat politician insisted the flags weren’t going anywhere, adding this had in fact only strengthened her resolve.

“As the proud representative of the heart of LGBTQ San Diego, the rainbow flag in front of my DC office is a source of pride for me and my constituents,” she explained. “It is a symbol of our commitment to full equality.”

“It is especially offensive to see this type of hateful behaviour right after our city celebrated Pride with a record high turnout,” she added.

“It’s disheartening that in this day and age this is still an issue. Be assured that hateful lawsuits are not going to stop me from celebrating our nation’s diversity.

“If anything, this lawsuit is a reminder of the need for us to work even harder for full equality for all Americans.”

While Sevier says he wants the flags taken down, he has offered an alternative, suggesting politicians also put up flags for polygamists, zoophiles, heterosexuals and machinists.