Actor Haaz Sleiman from Nurse Jackie comes out as gay after years of denying sexuality

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Actor Haaz Sleiman has come out as gay after denying his sexuality for over eight years.

The actor, who is best known for his appearances in Nurse Jackie and Of Kings and Prophets came out on Facebook on Saturday (August 26).

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The star previously denied that he was gay in an interview in 2009.

Speaking in a video, Sleiman explained that he was inspired to come out after realising the homicide rates of LGBT+ people.

“A new study finds that more LGBTQ people living in the United States have been murdered so far this year than in 2016.

“So this video is my response to this study.

“I am a gay, Muslim, Arab-American man,” he said.

The actor went on to get even more explicit in his coming out video as he revealed how he likes to do the deed.

He said: “I’m going to take it even further – not only am I gay but I’m also a bottom.

“Not only am I a bottom, but I’m also a total bottom, which means I like it up you-know-where.”

The star finished the coming out video with a powerful message to homophobes across the world.

“If you ever come to me to kill me just because I’m gay, I will destroy you.”

“I might be gay and I might be a nice guy but don’t get it twisted because I will fuck you up,” he said.

Sleiman previously played an out-gay character when he was on Nurse Jackie.

Talking about when he denied his sexuality, Sleiman explained that he was shocked into saying he was straight.

It was during an interview with the Advocate and he was led to believe that he would not be asked any personal questions.

However, he was asked if he was gay or straight.

Sleiman explained: “I was so shocked.

“I froze. My body started shaking.

“And then I lied and said I was straight. Shame on gay people who are not kind to other gay people. He did that on purpose,” he added.