Netflix’s Narcos airs hot, dangerous, barrier-breaking gay scene

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Narcos just aired a hot, steamy gay scene – before one of the men murdered a rival.

Netflix is building a reputation for broad LGBT representation – even if it did cancel Sense8 earlier this year – and Narcos finally got its turn.

The first episode of season three, which dropped this weekend, shows Cali Cartel don Helmer “Pacho” Herrera saunter into a nightclub and beckon another man to join him on the dancefloor.

(Netflix) narcos

A tense, erotically charged dance scene follows, in which the two men embrace as the crowd watch on in silence.

Despite being set in 90s Colombia, Pacho’s reputation is such that no-one dares make a move as the men hold each other close and passionately kiss.

After two seasons of focusing on Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, the show has moved on to giving gay drug lord Pacho more screen time.

Hopefully there’s more to come, because the power and suspense of this scene is intoxicating.

“It was a way to show how crazy this guy could be and a little dessert before [the kill],” Alberto Ammann, who plays Pacho, told pop culture publication Complex.

“When you saw the girls and guys watching the couple dancing and kissing, there’s so much in their looks,” he added.

“Nobody laughs or moves a hair because they know this guy is terrible and very violent and he’s doing this for respect and to shut up everyone.”

(Netflix) narcos

Once he’s done with his dance partner, Pacho emphasises his dangerous nature by smashing a rival over the head with a bottle.

He then takes it even further by literally pulling someone apart with the help of two motorcycles.

Ammann said that though Pacho had left a trail of deaths in his wake, his openness around his sexuality was “brave.”

He continued: “We have a lot of problems with this stupid discrimination around the world.

“In the narcos world, it had never happened in this way with a boss in a cartel.

“That made this character so interesting to me and a way to understand how far this guy could go.”

Watch the full clip below: