Piers Morgan lashes out at genderfluid guest, calling them ‘confused’


Piers Morgan has once again invited a non-binary person on Good Morning Britain so he can insult them and delegitimise their gender identity.

Tabitha or Tate Downs-King, 21, who is genderfluid, bisexual and polyamorous, decides her gender every morning.

Morgan sparked outrage when he called gender fluid people “absurd” earlier this year.



And the chat show host continued his rampage against non-binary people today, telling Tabitha, who identified as a woman this morning, that he rejected her gender identity.

Morgan, who admitted he had never met a genderfluid person, repeatedly accused Tabitha of switching between genders at will, ignoring her explanation that it was out of her control.

He also accused his guest of being “confused” and asked her whether her transgender mother had brought on this “confusion.”



“I’m not confused about being male and female, it just takes a couple of minutes to work out,” she replied.

Turning away from her, the presenter then aimed his complete denial of her gender identity at Dr Kenneth Demsky, a psychologist and gender specialist.

Morgan said: “My problem with this is you can’t be male and female…you’re born one or the other.



“If you want to have the operation because you feel you’re in the wrong body, I totally respect that.”

But, he continued: “I don’t get this genderfluid stuff when you just wake up one morning, decide you want to be a bloke, wake up the next day, you want to be a girl.”

After invalidating Tabitha, he again referred to himself as something silly to ridicule non-binary identities.

Earlier this year, he went on a bizarre rant in which he suggested he would call himself “an Arsenal tragic gender.”

And today, he said: “If you can identify as who the hell you like can I literally look at myself and say – and I’ve made this joke before – I’m an elephant today.”



Morgan, a straight, cisgender, white man, loudly asked Tabitha why he shouldn’t have what he seemed to think was an extra privilege she had.

“Why should you have the freedom and I don’t, where does this go?” he said.

Morgan, of course, asked Tabitha which toilet she uses.

The topic has become an important LGBT rights issue, particularly in the US, where laws have been passed insisting that people use the bathroom corresponding to their birth certificate.

Anti-LGBT groups have heavily relied on scaremongering with the idea that trans people will commit crimes while in the toilet.

Tabitha said simply: “When I’m male, I use the male toilets, and when I’m female, I use the female toilets.”

“And you think that’s right?” Morgan replied.

Piers Morgan GQ 2016


After an awkward pause, Tabitha responded: “There shouldn’t be any problem with it.

“I’m not going to look at anyone’s genitals; I’m going in to pee.”

She also shocked Morgan by revealing that she sometimes uses urinals.

When he asked how that was possible, she explained that she had a prosthetic penis for that purpose.

The host was seemingly lost for words.

“Right,” he eventually said.

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Tabitha also had to defend herself against a suggestion from Susanna Reid that she was “dressing up”.

“It’s not ‘dressing up’…It’s just dressing according to who I am that day,” she said.

“‘Dressing up’ implies that it’s kind of an act.”

Tabitha explained: “There’s no percentage at all – you just get what you’re given on the day.”

Morgan has a troubling recent history of attacking non-binary people and gender-neutral concepts.

Kori Doty facebook

(Facebook/Kori Doty)

Earlier this year, he slammed Kori Doty, a non-binary parent who has been battling to exclude new baby Searyl’s biological sex from their birth certificate, in the Mail on Sunday.

“My number one pet hate at the moment is the absurd ‘gender fluid’ movement, driven by people who don’t wish to be defined as either male or female,” Morgan wrote.

When Doty was on GMB, Morgan asked them if they were “born male or female” and repeatedly badgered them about their genitals.

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He lashed out against Emma Watson after she picked up the gender-neutral Best Actor prize at the MTV TV and Movie Awards in May.

He also said he might wear a dress at the news that a London school was instituting gender-neutral uniforms.

And the chat show host continued his rampage by telling a trans non-binary couple that non-binary children were “a contagion” and that “two or three” trans kids died from suicide last year.

A 2014 study found that 48 percent of trans people under 26 in Britain had attempted suicide.

He also said that identifying as non-binary is “a massive new fad”.

Stonewall called him “bigoted and transphobic” after he made these comments, but this did not stop him.

Despite having taken part in the charity’s Rainbow Laces campaign in the past, he responded by childishly calling Stonewall “bigoted & Piers-phobic”.

Watch the interview below: