Child of evil murder doll Chucky confirmed as canonically genderfluid in new series

Chucky and Jake appear on stage in a trailer for the new Chucky TV show

Chucky confirms he’s “cool” with his genderfluid child in a new TV series and horror fans are thrilled.

The infamous, murder-loving doll is back on screens for more bloody mayhem in the USA and SyFy TV series Chucky.

It follows Jake, a teenager who unknowingly buys Chucky at a yard sale. In the second episode of the series, Jake, confronts Chucky after the doll reads his diary and discovers his crush on a classmate named Devon.

That’s when Chucky tells Jake about his own queer and genderfluid child.

“And you’re cool with it?” Jake asks.

“I’m not a monster, Jake,” the doll responds.

Fans were overjoyed at the unexpected piece of queer representation in the new horror series.

Chucky’s child being part of the LGBT+ community isn’t new, but this is the first time that their identity has been confirmed on-screen.

Horror fans first meet the doll’s child in 1998’s Bride of Chucky. But Chucky and his bride Tiffany (voiced by Jennifer Tilly) weren’t introduced to Glen/Glenda until the horror-comedy Seed of Chucky, which debuted in 2004.

In the movie, Chucky and Tiffany argue about the gender of their child. Chucky believes the child is a boy and gives them the name Glen while Tiffany thinks they’re a girl and calls them Glenda.

Glen/Glenda overhears their parents fighting and is angered by their parents not caring about how they identify. When asked what they feel like, Glen/Glenda admits they “want to be a boy” but also like the idea of being a girl too.

“I’m not sure,” they say. “Sometimes I feel like a boy. Sometimes I feel like a girl. Can I be both?”

Earlier this year, the Texas department of public safety apologised after sending out an Amber Alert, the emergency message used to warn of missing children, featuring Chucky and his child Glen/Glenda.

Screenshots of the message showed Chucky listed as a suspect alongside his fictional child Glen, who was described as the abducted “male” child.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the alert to go viral on Twitter where it drew the attention of Chucky star Tilly, who corrected the alert and said Glen is non-binary.

“Under gender for Glen it should say non-binary,” Tilly wrote.