Piers Morgan called a ‘c**t’ on live TV after bleating ‘anti-trans dogwhistles’ at activist

Piers Morgan=

Piers Morgan invited a trans rights activist onto his show – and got more than he bargained for.

Morgan hosted a segment on his new TalkTV show, Uncensored, which posed the loaded question: “Are trans rights wrecking women’s rights?”

The presenter, who has previously called non-binary people a “contagion” and a “massive new fad”, invited activist Jame (who declined to reveal more of her identity) on to the episode.

She spoke from a protest against a talk held by by the anti-trans group Standing For Women at a state of Emmeline Pankhurst in Manchester.

Morgan claimed to have “always” supported trans rights “to fairness and equality”, which Jame labelled as “bulls**t”.

Morgan then went on to claim that he has concerns about women’s safety and fairness in sports when trans women are included in women’s spaces. 

Jame immediately called Morgan out for his use of anti-trans “dogwhistles”, with her voice getting audibly more exasperated as Morgan ploughed on.

“Piers, shut up, bro,” she said. “Do you understand that a majority of women athletes do not give a s**t about trans women in sports?”

“What is your problem with my position?” Morgan asked repeatedly, before the activist looked around and appeared to prepare to unhook her microphone.

“I don’t really know,” she responded. “I’m going to leave the interview now. I kind of only came on here because I thought it would be kind of funny. I want to say you’re a c**t,” she said, before being cut off.


In the past, Piers Morgan has been outspoken about his deeply problematic views on trans rights.

It would appear that, to Morgan, allyship consists of everything from claiming that he identifies as “trans-slender” to calling non-binary people a “contagion”.

Last year, thousands accused Morgan of “dehumanising” trans people on Good Morning Britain and reducing LGBTQ+ rights to a “mere joke”.

At the time, Morgan defended himself by doubling down in a tweet: “I support those who transition, just as I’ve always loudly supported gay rights. But I don’t support the ridiculous notion of 100 genders, and most sensible people agree with me.”

Morgan left the breakfast TV show in March 2021, after facing criticism for his response to Meghan Markle’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The interview covered everything from the racist abuse the Duchess had faced since marrying Prince Harry, the lack of support she received from the palace, and her struggle with suicidal thoughts as a consequence. 

 Morgan declared that he did not “believe a word” of what Meghan said. When his colleague, Alex Beresford, described his behaviour as “diabolical”, Morgan walked off-set, with the announcement of his resignation coming shortly after.

He has since joined News UK channel TalkTV, hosting the flagship show Piers Morgan: Uncensored, which premiered on 25 April.

The show appears to be struggling, with official figures from BARB claiming that it has seen its audience shrivel rapidly. Within less than three weeks, viewer numbers have dropped from almost 400,000 down to 58,000.