10 million Australians have voted in same-sex marriage plebiscite

A mass-same-sex wedding in Australia

10 million Australians have already voted on marriage equality, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The country is currently voting on whether marriage rights should be extended to same-sex couples in a non-binding postal vote.

62% of Australians have already had their say with voting open until 7 November.

Polling indicates that the ‘yes’ side is on track to win, but whether the government acts on the vote is unclear.

“This steady increase in survey returns is another reminder of how much Australians care about marriage equality and how the country wants this resolved,” Co-Chair of the Equality Campaign, Anna Brown, said.

“We have an opportunity to reflect the values that we already live by, but to do that we need as many surveys as possible returned.

“There are still millions of surveys that need to be posted back to the ABS, we want every Australian to have their say and post YES for marriage equality.”

Sky News Australia found major support for marriage equality in a new a poll of more than 5,000 Australians.

64% of respondents said they had voted ‘yes’ to the proposal and sent their forms back.

The results suggest a landslide win for the pro-LGBT campaign, with just 15.5% of respondents saying they have sent back their votes for ‘no’.

Overall, the latest poll of 16 million Australian voters indicates a victory of 79% for the ‘yes’ campaign.

Same-sex marriage postal form

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Marriage equality advocates are urging people to continue to fill-in and send back their ballots.

Eligible voters have until 20 October to request a replacement ballot if they have lost or damaged their existing one.

Polling had shown a drop in support for equal marriage as anti-LGBT activists began a divisive campaign based on tactics developed by evangelicals in the US, attempting to conflate the marriage vote with transgender issues and LGBT sex education.

The ballot paper sent to Aussies reads: “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?”

Tiernan Brady, Executive Director of The Equality Campaign, said: “We are in it to win it.

“We are committed to doing all in our power to ensure that the long held wish of the Australian people for marriage equality for all Australians is reflected in the results of the survey.

“This must be a campaign of millions of respectful conversations that unites the country.

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“We haven’t a moment to lose and we are hitting the ground running with hundreds of thousands of supporters talking about why marriage equality matters.

“This is a vote about the worth, dignity and status of members of our family, friends, workmates and neighbours, and across the country people are standing up for them.

“Today the Campaign releases new TV and Radio advertisements calling supporters across the nation to get out and vote.

“We know that the Australian people support marriage equality but no one can be complacent – it is all about getting as many surveys returned as possible.

“We call on everyone to participate and to talk to their family and friends to make sure they do too. Together, lets get this done.”