This zany YouTuber just proposed to his boyfriend and captured the whole adorable thing on video

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Brad Guy is well known for his zany YouTube videos about gay life in Australia.

But one of his most more recent videos takes a turn for the adorable, as you can watch in full below.

We’ll let him explain.

“I asked my boyfriend to marry me!” Brad told his fans.

YouTuber Brad Guy (YouTube)
YouTuber Brad Guy (YouTube)

“It was a total surprise and he had no clue that I was going to propose!”

He added: “While we were on holiday in Europe, I took him to Northern Ireland and popped the question while checking out some castles on the Causeway Coast.

“I can’t believe we’re engaged! WHAT!?!?!”

The video opens with Brad talking to camera about his plans, with his boyfriend Bo completely unaware of what’s going to happen.

“I’ve got to be really quiet because Bo is in the shower,” he explains.

YouTuber Brad Guy (YouTube)
YouTuber Brad Guy and his Claddagh Ring (YouTube)

“He’s got no idea but today’s the day I’m going to ask him to marry me!”

He continued: “I’m freaking out! I don’t know why I’m so nervous, because I’m confessing my love and that’s so easy for me.

“But I can actually look at my hands and my hands are shaking. I’m sweaty, I’m pacing up and down the house because I know that today’s the day.”

As he was popping the question in Northern Ireland, he opted for a traditional Irish Claddagh ring, marking friendship, loyalty and love.

YouTuber Brad Guy's boyfriend Bo (YouTube)
YouTuber Brad Guy’s boyfriend Bo (YouTube)

The video shows Brad catching Bo in the shower and then their trip to Dunluce Castle and then on to the Causeway Coast, with Brad occasionally letting us know how he felt.

Brad then sits Bo down and asks that all-important question.

He said yes (of course!) and they both end up blubbing with the loveliness of it all.

Of course, the couple won’t be able to get married in Northern Ireland – the only part of the UK where same-sex marriage is yet to be allowed.

YouTuber Brad Guy and his boyfriend Bo (YouTube)
YouTuber Brad Guy and his boyfriend Bo (YouTube)

They can’t get married in their native Australia either.

The country is currently engaged in an ill-tempered public postal vote on the issue, and although the signs are that a Yes vote will win, the vote is not actually binding.

As well as sharing the joy of his proposal with his fans, Brad also used the opportunity to urge his followers in Australia to vote in favour of the proposal.

“I got super emotional proposing to my boyfriend,” he said on Twitter.

“Watch me cry and then make sure to #VoteYes!”

Watch the adorable and emotional video in full below: