Colton Haynes reveals how fiancé Jeff Leatham reacted to American Horror Story sex scene

Colton Haynes’ fiancé has revealed what he thought of his husband-to-be’s sex scene in American Horror Story.

Colton and fellow actor Billy Eichner are seen on camera in the throes of passion in the most recent episode.

Twitter went into overdrive following the scene, and it seems so did Colton’s other half, Jeff Leatham.

Speaking about the scene to Entertainment Weekly, Haynes joked that Jeff had an unexpected reaction to the raunchy episode.

Colton Haynes (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

“I just showed him [the scene] in the car and he was laughing. He loves Billy Eichner and so do I,” he said.

He went on: “Jeff’s so used to it. That’s my job. We had protection on. We had clothes on and it’s just fun.

“Billy and I laughed the entire time… it was so awkward. So awkward, but we got through it.”

Even Colton himself was taken aback by the gushing praise for his x-rated acting.

Colton wrote on Twitter: “I see y’all thirstin over my #AHSCult sex scene with @billyeichner…your responses are hilarious & I’m obsessed with all of you haha”

The show has become renowned for its LGBT content, with creator Ryan Murphy not holding back on the queer storylines this season.

Watch the scene here:

Colton previously opened up about his struggle to come out as gay, both to his family and to the public.

He told Huffington Post: “I’ve been told by so many people that you cannot be out and have a career.

“The craziest thing was my career actually became the best it’s ever been once I actually was true to myself.

“That happened, and it was the most amazing experience.

“I was in Paris the day that the EW article dropped, and I cried for three days straight.”

He added: “It was amazing. Good cry, yeah. I was happy at the outpouring.”

He also revealed that Hollywood bosses forced him to date women to disguise his sexuality.