Labour MP mocked ‘fudge packers’ and ‘poofters’ and lashed out at ‘heterophobes’

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Labour MP Jared O’Mara mocked ‘fudge packers’ and ‘poofters’ and lashed out at ‘heterophobes’
“You do mean ‘took it up the ass’ figuratively don’t you? I know there’s always been speculation over Moz’s sexuality, It’s just that I prefer to believe the David Bret advocated stance that sez Stevie took a vow of celibacy when the girl he fancied at college (I think her name was Anne Marie?, ‘Half a Person’ was about him chasing a look a like of her).died of cancer. And, no, before anyone accuses me of being a homophobe, I’m not. I just think that this story is much more poignantly romantic than fudge packing Jake or anyone else in a casual manner and I don’t want such a lovely vista to be spoilt.”

“So a man who writes about homosexuality is gay then? so I ‘spose Eminem’s gay for writing ‘Stan’?

Just cos he writes about gayness and gay issues, doesn’t mean he drives up the Marmite motorway, or, for that matter, allows someone to drive up his. And just because I use euphamisms for anal love that can be interpreted as being derogotory by the self -righteous and the PC brigade DOES NOT mean I’m homophobic.”

“Yeah, people think homophobia’s a problem… well this sites rife with HETEROPHOBIA!.”

“I completely agree! I find it funny how some homosexuals think they have the monopoly on being subject to abuse,they should try being Ginger( a red head for any charmingly naive cross-pond residents) AND Disabled! can you begin to imagine how shitty that can be? At least the powers that be acknowledge that homophobia’s a problem, they don’t give a toss about all the ginger abuse that goes off, which, despite many viewing it to be a pathetically melodramatic assertion, I’m adamant is a form of racism.

And then there’s the whole disability angle. Most of you guys won’t have even heard of my condition, Cerebral Palsy, so when you’re up against ignorance like that you can’t win,can you? Imagine the shit I got at school, all that and I still had to cope with two of my limbs not working properly! Christ, you poofters think you’ve got it bad, My heart bleeds purple wee wee for you, it really does!”