Gemma Collins criticised for backing anti-LGBT politician Ann Widdecombe

Gemma Collins has caused uproar online after she endorsed anti-LGBT politician Ann Widdecombe.

The popular reality TV star and fashion designer, who has a considerable gay following, took to Twitter to back Widdecombe Tuesday evening.

She wrote: “My girl is Anne WIDDECOMBE go on Anne #CBB”.

The post has been flooded by angry replies, with many users pointing out the CBB contestant’s long history of homophobic and transphobic views.

One user wrote “She is a massive homophobe, Gemma,” while another explained, “Oh GC, she’s homophobic and anti-trans. Please don’t support her.”

Many users attached gifs of people looking shocked or suggesting she delete her account.

Another posted a photo of a concerned looking Jane McDonald in response.

Widdecombe has already caused controversy in the Celebrity Big Brother house after a minor row over sharing a bed with trans contestant India Willoughby.

The ex Conservative MP has a shocking record on gay rights issues – voting against them at every opportunity during her 23 years in parliament.

Former MP Anne Widdecombe (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

As a major force behind the Coalition for Marriage – the national campaign to block same-sex marriages – Widdecombe spoke out regularly in opposition to equality.

She also tried to block gay couples adopting, voted against the Equality Act and tried to stop the repeal of Section 28, a law which prevented teachers discussing LGBT issues in schools.

The devout Christian even expressed support for ‘gay cure’ therapy – the false idea that a person can change their sexuality.

Ann Widdecombe enters the “Celebrity Big Brother” House (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

She backed the ability of therapists to offer so-called ‘gay cure’ treatments to clients who want to be heterosexual.

In a column in the Daily Express, she questioned the lack of availability of therapy for “gays who do not want to be gay”.

Last year she heavily criticised laws designed to help transgender people have their identity legally recognised.

PinkNews has contacted a representative of Gemma Collins for comment.