Quakers to host anti-trans activists who want to abolish gender recognition law

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A Quaker Hall in the UK will be hosting an anti-trans group event in spite of protestations from the trans community.

Women’s Place UK, which are known to propogate discrimination against the transgender community, will be hosting an event at Manchester Quaker Meeting Hall this evening.

The group will discuss the Gender Recognition Bill at their event, A Woman’s Place Is Under Threat, asking people to “come and have your say on this controversial proposal.”

A current proposal to revise the Gender Recognition Act which would allowed transgender people let people change gender without medical checks, is to be placed under scrutiny at the event.

In July the government announced a consultation on their proposal to ‘demedicalise’ the process of changing gender, so that people can self-identify as the gender they choose, without any need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria,” reads the event listing.

“But what exactly is ‘gender’, and what will be the impact of self-identification on women and on women’s rights?

What are the implications for transgender people themselves?  Will this reform spell the end to single sex spaces and the provision of single sex services, such as those provided by rape crisis centres and women’s refuges? Will the changes make it harder to gather accurate data on the pay gap between men and women; on domestic violence against women; and on the health services women require?” asks the group’s event page. 

The group have also worked with TransgenderTrend (@transgendertrd), who describe themselves as “a group of UK parents who are concerned about the current trend to diagnose ‘gender non-conforming’ children as transgender.”

But in spite of protestations, Chief Executive Office Sarah Donaldson, has said that the Meeting Hall will run the event, stating that “that the group are hosting a debate concerning changes to the Gender Recognition Act and is not campaigning against trans people in general”.

“The event that is taking place this evening has been organised by a group called Woman’s Place UK. There is a strand of opinion that say they are a transphobic hate group, but they deny that they are,” says Donaldson.

“At this point, I’m concluding my investigation in relation to a point that’s been raised with me but I’ve not cancelled the event.

“I recognise that whether the event goes ahead or not, some people will feel hurt and upset about that.

“My understanding is that the group are hosting a debate concerning changes to the Gender Recognition Act and is not campaigning against trans people in general. There are clearly differences in opinion as to whether they are or are not a transphobic hate group, and I appreciate that for some people that whatever decision I make will be disappointing and hurtful.”

In the group’s forming mission statement, they say that “the accusation of “transphobia” should not be used to shut down women’s voices.”

“Respectful and evidence-based discussion about the impact of the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act to be allowed to take place and for women’s voices to be heard,” reads the statement.

“Too often women are silenced, threatened, trolled, harassed and even physically assaulted for daring to engage in a discussion about the possible consequences of a legislative change.”

Quakers as a whole are considered to be supportive of the LGBT community and its rights.

The Quaker Gender and Sexual Diversity Community are a faction dedicated to supporting Quakers of all sexual orientations and genders.